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A Message from the PTA

Dear Volunteer,

We greatly appreciate your commitment of time and effort here at Oakbrook Elementary School. Volunteers like yourselves are a vital source of talent, of enthusiasm, of encouragement for learning and support of our children, teachers, and school programs. Relationships established between students and volunteers help students learn more and schools gain more support from their communities. Your continued involvement is essential to the success of our overall school program.

This information is made available to assist you with pertinent information or questions you may have in regard to being a volunteer. We thank you for being here and anticipate your time spent here to be as rewarding to you, as it is to the children you serve.

Your Oakbrook Elementary PTA

The Volunteer Form

Volunteers Can Help in Many Ways

  • Tutoring - one-on-one help to children who need extra attention with math, reading, spelling, etc.
  • Chaperoning - for field trips.
  • Helping with art projects - donate materials or lend a helping hand with projects.
  • Read to Students
  • Have students read to them
  • Help with sports or other extracurricular activities
  • Be a Room Representative!

Who Can Volunteer?

School volunteers may be parents, community members, senior citizens or upper grade students who augment and complement the educational program. Volunteers can be utilized in a variety of situations in our school, ranging from one time only to monthly, weekly or daily commitments. They may provide tutorial help, monitor the lunchroom, help in the library, supervise the playground or participate in any one of our committees. Volunteers can assist the classroom teacher by running photocopies, assisting with class projects, collating instructional material or in any way that augments the teacher’s efforts. They can also share a special skill, occupation or talent with the students.


  • Availability, dependability, reliability, friendliness and flexibility;
  • Awareness of and willingness to follow any school district or state mandated criteria regarding health and background checks;
  • Special talents or abilities that help to enrich the school program;
  • Recognize that accepting an assignment is a serious commitment;
  • Maintaining strict confidentiality regarding students and school personnel;
  • Awareness of the ethical and legal responsibilities involving the privacy of students’ records;
  • A desire and interest to work with children and youth;
  • A willingness to learn and follow directions.

Who Will Benefit?

  • Students - There is research that has been done, that shows when parents volunteer at school, children do better in their studies, have a more positive attitude, and are more likely to succeed now, and later in life.
  • Parents - Volunteering allows parents to learn new skills, understand how the school works, and gain insights into dealing with children.
  • Teachers - Volunteers help improve teacher moral, free up time for special class projects, and improve student achievement.
  • The Community - Volunteers help improve the relationship between school and businesses. The community often enjoys higher educational achievements and a positive reputation.

Tips for Volunteering

  • Talk regularly about how things are going
  • Ask questions when you are unsure about something
  • Learn and follow school policies
  • Treat all children in the same manner (no favoritism)
  • Have fun!

The Volunteer Form

















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